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    From Exodus@25:25/0 to All on Sun Dec 31 20:42:11 2023
    Here is a thought for those who believe in the afterlife.

    Now according to m-theory, for every action we take, an alternate universe is made up, mind you, inifinately, for every action that could have be taken at the moment.

    So, say someone wants to shake your hand. You reach out and shake their hand back. In the inifite possibilities of that action, here are a few things that COULD happen.

    1. You don't shake the hand
    2. You miss the hand shake and look like a fool
    3. You hi five instead
    4. You fall over dead

    Just a small bit of actions that COULD happen to one action. Here is my question though.

    Now for those who believe in the afterlife, how does this work. Once you die, does ALL of those multiverse copies of yourself and actions combine (thus, each one would have to wait completely until every single one of your existance is dead) and then combine and then goto Heaven or Hell.

    Or, does each instance go to it's own Heaven or hell? Thus making a inifinte Heaven and hells out there.

    Or does all the dupes go to the same place, and there are billions upon billions of yourself there as well as others.

    Or ... orr ... does the fact that with every action, every other action that CAN be done, was done and when you die does all the good and evil actions you did equal out and you are in the middle of bad/good and thus no judgement can be rendered?

    Just some thoughts. Looking to see what others thing. I have no idea why this popped into my head the other day, but it did.

    ... I'm the creature that goes bump in the night.

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