• Renegade v1.33/DOS

    From Exodus@25:25/0 to All on Fri May 5 23:25:52 2023
    ( MAY 2023 - FULL INSTALL
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    R E N E G A D E
    B U L L E T I N B O A R D S Y S T E M

    v 1 . 3 3 / D O S

    * RENEMAIL - Mail Tosser/Processor
    * RGBOT - BOT Blocker FrontEnd
    * NetFOSS & Net2BBS Telnet Server
    * PD Z-Modem File Transfer Protocol

    Updates since v1.30/DOS was released.

    U - Updated A - Added F - Fixed

    F. Fixed bug where new ONELINERS would not display if a
    datafile was remade from scratch and there were not a
    total of 10 ONELINERS present in the original data file.
    Before you would have to save 10 entries to the ONELINER
    before anything would start to display. This has now
    been corrected.

    F. Renegade no longer sets the USERNAME as a blank field if
    you were to hit ENTER when trying to change your username
    on the BBS. New RGLNG.TXT entry has been added to account
    for this as well.

    U. Strings added to RGLNG for the "Scanning for your new
    mail." and other strings related to this.

    U. User Editor now uses standard prompts for editing
    instead of using any pre-defined strings made in RGLNG that
    were intended for the NEWUSER INFO MENU & PERSONAL MENU.

    U. SysOp Window toggle back at ALT-S since SysOp Split
    Screen chat is now a toggle in the system config. ALT-A
    still works as well for now.

    A. Added %EP (Empty Pause) MCI Code. This is for SysOps
    or users that want to make their own PAUSE prompt without
    using the system deinfed one. Just write your Pause Prompt
    and on the next line input the MCI Code %EP. (Work in

    F. SysOp Password prompt will no longer have an input
    field as part of the string.

    F. Color codes right before the @ sign was not displaying for
    Logon and Password strings. This has now been corrected.

    F. Renegade will no longer prompt to save a blank string.
    It will now revert to the string before the change was made.

    A. Scrolling Text File Viewer. Work in progress, but it's
    a start and it works. Right now, ASCII text only works. Will
    add more complex features as we work on this.

    New MENUCMD: VI - Scrolling Text File Viewer

    Works the same as -F. Whatever you put in the options field
    will be displayed, only with the VI CMD Key you can scroll
    UP and DOWN.

    F. Bug in Renemail which would cause a large swap file
    to be created if a certain type of Fido stye message was
    imported. This has now been corrected and checked for.

    A. More Strings external. SysOp In/Out and Multinode
    chat availble/unavailable.

    F. Oneliners will now show [ANONYMOUS] if the person
    who wrote the oneliner is deleted from the userbase.

    F. Miscellaneous Cleanup and Color fixes.

    ... Can you repeat the part after "Listen very carefully"

    --- Renegade v1.33/DOS
    * Origin: The Titantic BBS Telnet - ttb.rgbbs.info (25:25/0)