• Re: Renegade v1.25/DOS

    From Argon@25:25/0 to Exodus on Wed Aug 11 14:24:48 2021
    on google drive says the full install is infected with a virus. I assume i reading the NETFOSS archive included in it. Until I find a better file

    Yes, it's NetFoss. NFU.EXE to be exact. I know that the Windows 10 Security agent/app hates it. It kept deleting the file when I was trying to download
    it because of that.

    Once I turned all of that off, I could download the file. You may want to remove it from the archive and just link to it as a required file.

    Heck I've got the new version up and running in DOSBOX-X window right now on Windows 10 64bit, answering calls on my network.

    What are your future plans for Renegade?

    --- Renegade v1.25/DOS
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