• SkyRaiders Door Game FULL-PLAYTHRU Video!

    From paulie420@25:1/104 to All on Mon Feb 20 22:53:45 2023
    Dude - I finally got thru [ALMOST!] all 20 levels of SkyRaiders; the freaking bad-assest door game I've seen in 25 years. aNACHRONIST, of aBSINTHE BBS is still developing door games in 2023. He has two that he's currently w0rking on; SkullHack [A NetHack port] and SkyRaiders [A Korean War door]. I personally think that SkyRaiders is the best freaking door that we've EVER SEEN... while a lot of folks have played, I think it deserves the eyes of MANY M0RE!

    At any rate - its super in-depth; you can use Ace Feats [the reward/purchasing system] to better your chances as you go thru all the levels - and theres so many ways to play... you can level-up your air-strikes, or focus on ground... but no matter what, after you get past level 11 you'll be rethinking those choices. :P

    I hope that you'll check it out, but if you need to be pressed a little m0re before doing so I've just released a FULL LENGTH play-through video on YouTube. :P I've been w0rking on a YouTube channel named TechHeart; I would love it if you'd give me a SUB and even m0re if you watch a few videos... at any rate, if you wanna see my SkyRaiders content, its available below.

    Last; login to aBSINTHE - the BBS is my favorite board of all time, and the w0rk that aNACHRONIST gives to our hobby is BAR NONE. Its freaking amazing.
    SkullHack is a door that doesn't take as much time, and is just as freaking amazing... please try b0th, or yer missing out!!

    aBSINTHE bbS

    SkyRaiders - Korean War Door Game; I think its the BEST door we've seen. SkullHack - A NetHack port w/ the best damn ASCII gfx you've ever seen!

    My FULL-LENGTH SkyRaiders play-through YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoE-7Ioo2Vg

    My TechHeart YouTube channel:

    bbSes in 2o23, r0ckstars... we're makin shit happen!


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