From Zazz@25:25/6 to All on Fri Mar 11 18:56:52 2022
    I've installed FreeDOS 1.3 as a OS on a computer I had lying around. It has a network port but no serial ports. I was wanting to get DOS Network going on so I see what else I can do about connecting to my network and also about getting to connect to a bbs.

    I had a lot experieced with DOS starting with MSDOS starting with the 2.* versions, basically from 1987 and forward. But alas never experience setting a network.

    I'm asking for an old timer to lend me their knowledge/experience on how to do this. I see drivers in the Net folder. So I would assume I would need to load up via a config.sys file. Webpage on this product says it can but I do not see any tutorial or how-to.

    So any and all feedback on this is most welcomed.

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