• Minor D'Bridge update available

    From Atreyu@25:25/5 to All on Sun Dec 26 00:09:38 2021

    D'Bridge EMAIL System
    Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.

    VERSION 4 - DECEMBER 26 2021

    A few things... likely the last update of the year.

    - All shutdowns now write to the system log file correctly upon ALT+X,
    CTL+C, any errorlevel-exit triggered by semaphore/dummy files or EXIT-type
    scheduled events, as well as the "watchdog" restart condition.

    NOTE: Errorlevels 250, 251 and 252 are reserved by D'Bridge and cannot be
    used for the *X macro-code or the DBEXIT dummy files.

    - Messages written by an editor or BBS software and scanned out should
    correctly update the "last accessed" field in Config-Echomail Areas.

    - Echofile/TIC files scanned out should correctly update the "last accessed"
    field in Config-Echofile/TIC areas.

    - When D'Bridge is ran in multi-line operation, the format of the log file
    slightly changes to indicate which line instance wrote what log entry.

    - Minor improvement for D'Bridge running "on the line" from a Telnet server
    such as Zoob or Net2BBS/NetFOSS.

    - When an OTL file contains a baudrate, then D'Bridge will use that for the
    *B macro-code.

    - Mail is NOT processed when received when ran in the OTL mode, because
    it is assumed that you have a "normal" instance running.

    - Bug fix for THISCALL.TXT not appended for modem-calls.

    - Minor updates to the F1-Help system and the user manual.

    Nick Andre

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