• Return of 3 networks

    From nelgin to All on Mon Mar 18 03:49:02 2024
    Hi all,

    Retronet, Pinet and cnet are going to make their return thanks to a sysop who is reviving these dead networks.

    cnet is aimed at Commodore users and it working.

    Retronet is geared towards retro computing, mostly hardware related but with some software groups.

    Pinet is dedicated to all things Raspberry Pi and, I guess, its clones.

    I'm still waiting on a few issues to be resolved with Retronet and Pinet but once they are you will see new articles coming in, more so once there are more boards added to the network.

    Please feel free to participate.

    I've also added SFnet at the request of one of my callers. This caters towards SciFi enthusiasts including Star Trek, Star Wars, Anime, DC and Marvel Universe, and more. This is also up and running right now for your enjoyment.

    Coming soon - full usenet text feeds. I'm still slowly populating the articles. I'm up to June 2005 so it's going to take a little bit longer, then I have to ship the disk off to the hosting company.

    As always, feel free to reach out to me if you think there's something I should add and I'll try to accommodate it.