• The Ultimate Mud Connector

    From nelgin to All on Mon Feb 26 01:35:28 2024
    Hi all,

    The Ultimate MUD Connector has had an upgrade.

    First, I have a script to go through all the MUDS and make sure they're alive, if not then remove them from the list. You should have more chance to connecting to a live game.

    Secondly, each game will have a preview option, where available, so you can see the login screen before actually making a connection. This is a quick way to see what the game might be about. Some offer which codebase they use and you may get a feel whether it's a future based or medieval or modern or...

    and it's not just MUDS. You will probably find MUCK, MUSH, MOO and some others in there.

    Please give it a try and if you have any issues, drop a note in the General section. Do the same if you have suggestions, feedback or comments about that or other parts of the BBS. I'm always looking for new and innovative features to add so there's a good reason to call back!