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    From Nelgin to All on Thu Jul 20 00:56:20 2023
    Hi all.

    More updates:

    Board Games renamed to Board and Table Games
    (I needed somewhere to shove Dominoes!)

    Casino > Keno renamed to Keno (Brainex)
    Fun Stuff > Hackarama updated.

    Word Games > Letter Match
    Card Games > Hi-Lo
    Board and Table Games > Dominoes
    Casino > Keno (Sunrise)
    Fun Stuff > Concentration
    Card Games > Acey Deucey
    Word Games > Word Warp
    Games2 > Colonies
    Games 2 > Gangland Wars
    Mud/Maze > Pentasim
    Mud/Maze > Quest for Nora is now registered
    Games 2 > Time Travel
    Games 2 > Lost in Space
    Sports > Lotto Mania
    Mud/Maze > Virtual Escape
    Games 2 > Atlantis
    Word Games > Chain Reaction
    Board and Table Games > Hexx Wars
    Board and Table Games > Four Corners

    This brings the total number of games on End Of The Line BBS to over 140, including around 35 Infocom games, and not counting over 600 MUD, MUSH, MOO etc. available in The Ultimate MUD Connector.

    I hope you enjoy these new games. I'm always open to feedback and suggestions. Please keep in mind, some of these games will wipe progress if they're not played within a certain number of days. If you feel the time limit is too short, let me know and I'll consider changing it.