• New Door Games

    From Nelgin to All on Wed Jul 19 04:20:57 2023
    Hi all,

    I've spend the last couple of days adding new door games. I've tested them all and they should work. Please see below.

    Added Dice Games Category
    Yahtzee moved from Games 2 > Dice Games
    Yahtzee is now registered

    Casino > High Roller
    Fun Stuff > Business Cards
    Card Games > Monte Carlo
    Casino > Blackjack (Sunrise)
    Card Games > Cribbage Squares
    Card Games > Over Under
    Word Games > Word Shuffle
    Dice Games > Ladder Dice
    Word Games > Wheel of Fortune
    Card games > Box Poker
    Word Games > Cryptograms
    Card Games > Betsy Ross
    Dice Games > Box Dice
    Card Games > Three Pair Poker
    Word Games > Word Search (Sunrise)
    Fun Stuff > Hotel Rescue
    Dice Games > Groan Dice
    Card Games > Triangle (Solitaire)
    Fun Stuff > Sky Cop
    Word Games > Word War
    Trivia > Sunrise General Knowledge*
    MUD/Maze > Legends of Ole**
    Dice Games > Baseball Dice (Could go under sports instead)
    Word Games > Stairway

    * = Limited number of questions. If anyone would like to submit general trivia questions, please contact me for the proper format in which to submit them.

    ** Not working as yet so hidden.

    All the doors are registered so there should be no nag screens. If you see any, let me know. Also, if any doors cause you problems, let me know also.

    I've still got another 2 dozen or so registered games to add so stay tuned! Thanks,