• dosemu update

    From Nelgin to All on Fri Jul 14 16:29:15 2023
    Hi all,

    Sometime this weekend (could be any time between tonight and Sunday) I'm going to update dosemu from 1.4 to the latest dosemu2.

    This shouldn't affect anything on your side, but it'll make things easier on my end as we try and get a standard dosemu configuration that is easy to support and maintain.

    I'll follow up here once it is done, meanwhile if games stop working for you all of a sudden, it's probably because I've removed the old dosemu and in the process of converting.

    Most of the games in the first Games menu don't use DOS so you should be able run those and a few in the 2nd games menu and, of course, the Ultimate MUD Connector will run, too.

    Let me know if you have any questions,