• Usenet/newsgroups

    From Nelgin to All on Mon Nov 29 00:48:55 2021

    My hub has stopped his subscription to usenet so will no longer be providing some newsgroups (a few few alt, comp, and rec) groups via the fidonet feed.

    The good news is that I have a full newsfeed but I'm reluctant to open that up to possible spammers, therefore I'd be happy to take requests from long term users who have posted quality messages in some of the fidonet forums.

    If you'd like access to newsgroups you need to
    1) Register an account with a valid email address.
    2) Be a member in good standing
    3) Connect to the BBS on a regular basis and not only post, but participate in a few existing groups either fidonet or some other active groups.

    If you feel you quality, then contact me by netmail or one of the contact sysops links scattered around the board and express your interest.

    Unfortunately, due to the open nature of bulletin boards, I feel it would not bein my best interest to open usenet to all and sundry.