• Removal of Networks

    From Nelgin to All on Tue Aug 2 02:47:19 2022
    Due to the inability of a number of network owners to maintain their nets, the following are on life support and likey get deleted unless said owners get their stuff together.

    Zone Net
    8 Familynet
    33 AdventureNet
    57 GatorNet
    64 Cnet
    80 Retronet
    92 ZENet
    110 LinuxNet
    111 Sysops Tech Net
    115 PascalNet
    314 PiNet
    510 Justanet
    900 Rmininet

    If you have a particular attachment to any of these networks, let me know and I can at least archive them and put them in read-only mode. It's disappointing that networks have to die but without regular user participation, it's bound to happen sooner or later.