• Announcing sysdig: an open source Linux system exploration tool

    From sysdig@draios.com@1:0/0 to All on Thu Apr 3 19:25:46 2014
    Hi everyone - My name is Loris Degioanni, and I've spent a good part of the=
    past decade working with my team on tools like Wireshark and WinPcap. We'r=
    e now launching our third ambitious open source project, and this time we'r=
    e focusing on system-level monitoring and troubleshooting. Our new tool is = called sysdig and we are delighted to present it to you today.


    You can use sysdig to capture system state and activity from a running Linu=
    x instance, then save, filter and explore. Think of it like strace + tcpdum=
    p + lsof, with the ability to add Lua scripts on top. So far we've found it=
    particularly useful in cloud and virtualized environments.

    We've been working really hard on this, and we are very excited to bring it=
    to you and hear what you think. I hope it makes your day a little better.

    A final plug: if you do enjoy using sysdig, we need your help spreading the=
    word. So please, share our blog, vote or comment on Reddit, star our githu=
    b repo, tweet at us, or write a blog post.

    Many thanks,

    Loris Degioanni

    - blog: http://draios.com/blog/
    - Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/2242zx/announcing_sy= sdig_strace_tcpdump_lsof_awesome/
    - github repo: https://github.com/draios/sysdig
    - twitter: https://twitter.com/sysdig

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