• Rusky live CD

    From notbob@110:300/1.98 to All on Sat Sep 3 17:56:00 2011
    I recently burned a copy of Inquisitor 3.0, a .ru originated distro.
    I used it to test a questionable HDD I thought might be ailing. The
    appy indicated "failed" and I replace the HDD. Problem is, I forgot I
    had a flashdrive mounted!! ...the one with all my backed up Slack 13
    files I was saving prior to an upgrade to Slack 13.37. I didn't worry
    at the time, thinking I was gonna do a fresh install, but I forgot
    that damn back up flashdrive was mounted. DOH!! The problem now, is
    my flashdrive compromised? I have so far not remounted it to my new
    Slack install, but am aching to access finely tuned config files and
    tons of photo jpg's.

    My question to this group is: Am I worring needlessly about the
    Inquisitor live CD? I notice Softpedia does not give it their usual
    safe rating. Any bad press/rumours about this distro?? If this distro
    IS questionable, is there any way I can safely access my backed up
    flashdrive files w/o risking the integrity of my new Slack install.


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