• Enable postdrop for red hat enterprise 5 SELinux

    From kitty00@110:300/1.1 to All on Wed Mar 10 18:21:19 2010

    I was trying to send email through alpine on our server, got SMTP
    connection broken error message.

    I know that SELinux is blocking it because if I enable SELinux
    permissive mode. I can send out the email without any problem.

    Following is the error message I got from mailog:
    Postfix/postdrop[20764]: fatal: setrlimit: Permission denied Postfix/smtpd[20763]: warning: premature end-of-input on /usr/sbin/
    postdrop while reading input attribute name
    Postfix/smtpd[20763]: warning: command "on /usr/sbin/postdrop" exited
    with status 1
    Postfix/smtpd[20763]: fatal: unable to execute /usr/sbin/postdrop

    There is also a AVC message saying postdrop was denied.

    I tried to add policy for postdrop without success. Can anyone help me
    on that?


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