• Guide to the Secure Configuration of RHEL5 (Updated).

    From 1PW@110:300/1.1 to All on Sat Oct 31 01:33:00 2009


    The always gregarious folks at the U.S.A's NSA re-released the 182 page
    3rd edition of "Guide to the Secure Configuration of Red Hat Enterprise
    Linux 5" about a week ago.

    This is the single most comprehensive document for hardening your RHEL5
    Tikanga system. Indeed, if you do /everything/ in this publication,
    your system is probably 'bricked'. But carefully applied, this helps to
    close security cracks. The guide goes well beyond common sense
    precautions and includes some lesser known steps.


    The previous editions of the guide were found at different URLs at the
    NSA site so no guarantee exists that this will stay put. Although the
    document lacks an index, it has a /href'd/ table of contents. The text
    even contains some hot links to referenced civilian sites for authority.



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