• Need for Firewall Engineer's

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    Please find the below requirement and kindly let me know about your interes=
    t if any profiles are available for this position kindly forward me their u= pdated resumes with contact details. You can reach me on Phone No: 248-434-= 8910 Email: sharan@horizonsofttech.net=20
    Position: Firewall Engineer's
    Duration: 3/31/15
    Location: Auburn Hills, MI
    Job description: See below
    Interview process: Face to face with client or one of their Engineers

    * Extensive knowledge and experience with network protocols and concepts in=
    cluding: SSH, FTP, Telnet, TCP/IP, TCP/IP addressing schemes, Network Addre=
    ss Translation (NAT), Domain Name Services (DNS), and routing (OSPF and BGP=
    * Extensive experience with various security practices and products includi=
    ng: OS hardening, encryption methods, virus protection, etc.
    * Demonstrated experience configuring and troubleshooting Cisco switches an=
    d routers. Cisco certifications preferred.
    * Proven ability to interpret output from network traffic analysis tools su=
    ch as Sniffer, Etherpeak, and TCP dump.
    * Practical knowledge of various local and wide area network infrastructure=
    including: Ethernet, VPN, Frame Relay, the ANX network, Point to Point Cir= cuits.
    * Effective interpersonal and consulting skills to be used to align client =
    needs tactical and strategic solutions.
    * Ability to effectively collaborate in a dynamic team environment.
    * Strong written and verbal communication skills necessary for clear defini=
    tion of scope, technical solutions, project deliverables, appropriate syste=
    m documentation and client communication.
    * Proven skills in planning, estimating, organizing, and project management=
    * Experience with Tripwire, Gauntlet, PGP, Solaris, proxy servers, VPN devi=
    ces, and remote access technologies is preferred.

    * Minimum of 4 years experience designing, implementing, and supporting Jun=
    iper or CheckPoint firewall solutions
    * Minimum of JNCIA-FWV Certification or CheckPoint CCSA
    * Minimum of 4 years experience designing, implementing, and supporting Cis=
    co networking and UNIX environments.
    * Minimum of 4 years experience designing, implementing and supporting Prox=
    y Infrastructure

    --- MBSE BBS v1.0.1 (GNU/Linux-i386)
    * Origin: The Kofo System II BBS telnet://fido2.kofobb