• Controlling "server.log" file size in JBoss 7

    From khemslatha@gmail.com@1:0/0 to All on Thu Apr 10 05:13:51 2014

    I am using JBoss7 and we are getting server.log on a daily basis by default.

    Since the file size is growing, we want that server.log file to be rotated based on file-size.

    This should mean that whenever the server.log file will grow in size more than 100K, a new server.log file will be created and I will have at most 5 such "server.log" files like "server.log.1, server.log.2, server.log.3, etc.".

    For that I did not find any log4j properties file but found logging.properties file where the following lines were updated but still having a single occurrence of "server.log" file (as before) which grows in size as time goes on.


    Please any one suggest if I am missing any step here or any other file need to be configured for this.

    Thanks in advance

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