• Mail myself from mozilla: off-line?

    From Unknown@110:110/2002 to All on Sun Mar 30 02:10:38 2014
    I want to see the gMap/gEarth without the text/garbage in front of it. Previously, via a win7 PC, I saw that gMap 'views' consisted of several
    layers, and that the <aerial photo> was a file separate from the
    overlaying text, which could be separated, after saving all.

    With linux/Mozilla I apparently can't save the 'layers of files' to
    select the ones I need. But Mozilla can email the 'view'.
    Perhaps it sends the 'view' as separate attatchments.

    Without going on-line, how do I email my own PC, or the rPi connected
    via an eth0 cable?

    == TIA.

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