• Release: Simple Packet Sender (SPS) Version 4.2

    From h0h1r4um@gmail.com@1:0/0 to All on Wed Jan 15 19:55:02 2014
    If anyone is interested, I've released the latest version:


    What is Simple Packet Sender?

    <snip from site>

    A Linux packet crafting tool. Supports IPv4, IPv6 including extension heade= rs, and tunneling IPv6 over IPv4. Written in C on
    Linux with GUI built using GTK+ and released under GPLv3. Does not require=


    Packet crafting and sending one, multiple, or flooding IPv4 and IPv6 packet=
    s of type TCP, ICMP, or UDP (or cycle through all
    three). All values within ethernet frame can be modified arbitrarily. Supp= orts IPv4 header options, TCP header options, and
    TCP, ICMP and UDP data as well, input from either: keyboard as UTF-8/ASCII=
    , keyboard as hexadecimal, or from file.

    IPv6 support includes: hop-by-hop, "first" and "last" destination, routing,=
    authentication, and encapsulating security paylo
    ad (ESP) extension headers. For those without access to a native IPv6 netwo= rk, IPv6 packets can be transmitted over IPv4 (6t

    Packet fragmentation for IPv4, IPv6, and 6to4. Assumed maximum transmission=
    unit (MTU) can be changed if unusual fragment si
    zes are needed.

    IP addresses and port numbers can be randomized.

    A configurable traceroute function, which supports TCP, ICMP, and UDP packe=
    ts with all the features mentioned above.

    View packets in hexadecimal/ASCII representation, in both unfragmented and = fragmented forms.

    All packet settings can be saved to and loaded from file.

    IP and ASN delegation functions, including: country name/code search and re= verse-search, autonomous system (AS) number search by country and reverse-s= earch, IPv4 and IPv6 address delegation search and reverse-search.

    ARP (IPv4) and Neighbor Discovery (IPv6) for querying a LAN for MAC address=
    es of local nodes.

    Retrieve MAC address and current MTU setting of any attached network interf= ace.

    Domain name resolution and reverse resolution.


    I encourage any feedback, positive or negative.

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