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    From Robert Wolfe@454:1/1 to All on Sat Jan 26 12:36:00 2019
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    Hi all!

    So, for those of you who run Internet-connected WINServer systems and would not mind helping me test out a voting booth mod, I cleaned up and updated PS-Vote last night and locally it works, but I need a couple of WINServer sysops that have their boards connected to the Internet full time (as the program sends and receives email to do its work) to help me test the WCX out before I package it up and release it.

    If anyone would be interested in trying it out, please feel free to email me and
    let me know.

    ... Robert Wolfe <robert.wolfe@winserver.org>, Sysop, Omicron Theta BBS
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    ... Robert Wolfe <robert.wolfe@winserver.org>, Sysop, Omicron Theta BBS
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