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    As most of you may already know by now, Santronics has resumed working on Platinum Xpress for WINServer and is up to version 7.0 (aka v3.1), which I run here.

    What you may not know is Hector has also revived the support network for it, XpressNet. As such, I have volunteered to maintain and run the network for him (don't worry Joe Martin, I will still use ViaMail! on my WC!4 system *smiles*). If any WINServer sysops here run Platinum Xpress and would like to join, email me with your BBS system information so that I can get you added to the nodelist and get your connection info into PX and IREX here on my end.

    ... Robert Wolfe <robert.wolfe@winserver.org>, Sysop, Omicron Theta BBS
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    ... Robert Wolfe <robert.wolfe@winserver.org>, Sysop, Omicron Theta BBS
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