• CatPost! v4.22 Now Availa

    From Robert Wolfe@454:1/1 to All on Thu Jan 24 12:46:00 2019
    I am proud to announce the release of CatPost! version 4.22 for Wildcat! Interactive Net Server!

    CatPost! is an easy to configure text file to message base posting utility written in wcCODE and designed to be run as an even using wcEvent or wcRun. Uses for this application include regular echomail area rules postings, to new file announcements, to statistics information posting, to regular BBS ad postings!

    You can download the file via telnet to my BBS at winserver.org and grab the file WC!CP422.ZIP. Note that with this version, the application is now free to use and all registration code has been removed from this release.

    ... Robert Wolfe <robert.wolfe@winserver.org>, Sysop, Omicron Theta BBS
    wcQWK 7.0 ILink * Omicron Theta * Southaven MS * winserver.org

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