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    The following information pertains to the Platinum Xpress/WIN (PXWIN)
    7.0 Update:

    In years past, PXWIN was a separate ordering system. A CD (PX/WIN
    v2.0) and manual were made in bulk and updates to v3.0 were done via
    downloads on the Winserver.com Support site.

    With the new PX/WIN 7.0 production, we made PXWIN a part of the WIN
    Server Sales system, custom CD production and electronic update AUP

    If you are currently licensed with PXWIN, you can obtain the latest
    update with an AUP subscription or by ordering a WIN Server CD
    update. Send a message to sales@santronics.com with your current
    PXWIN Serial# and we will add the PXWIN update files to your profile
    so you can obtain them through the AUP or via a Win Server CD update.

    We are no longer issuing 2 node PXWIN licenses. PXWIN is now an
    unlimited node license matching your Wildcat! node license. New
    Platinum Xpress/WIN licenses are $79.00, the old, 2 node price.

    Those updating via the WIN Server AUP, or purchasing a WIN Server CD
    update, will have their existing PXWIN licenses converted to unlimited
    nodes. Your existing PX/WIN serial number will be modified to reflect unlimited nodes and a new PX/WIN registration code will be issued.

    Thanks for your support.

    Hector, Engineering & Technical Support
    Santronics Software, Inc.
    http://www.santronics.com (sales)
    http://www.winserver.com (support)
    http://www.winserver.com/AupInfo (Online AUP Help)
    Office: 305-248-3204

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