• PX Development Revived???

    From Robert Wolfe@454:1/1 to All on Thu Nov 8 07:18:00 2018
    Just saw this from Hector:

    "I have to set down and reminder how things are suppose to work. I
    will try to update PX/WIN as time permits. Maybe if you can get me
    the current nodelist/nodediff and tell me how to get my address back
    and/or I will probably ask that we get private zone 99 PX/NET working
    again we can support some private Wildcat/PX network and go from
    there. It won't go far unless someone, one of you guys to help with
    a PX/NET nodelist. Hmmm in my \PXW\NODELIST folder, I have the last XNETLIST.306 nodelist file! Maybe someone can help restart that and
    manage it?"

    So told him about WINSnet :) If he doesn't bite, just in case I offered
    to step up to the plate and restart PXNet if no one else volunteers.
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