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    For any customer using FtpLogon.wcc/wcx HOOK script for wcFTP, you
    may need to set the value of GlobalResult when the script starts:

    GlobalResult = FALSE

    to initialize it. Otherwise, it can block the ftp user from
    continuing, i.e. hung until disconnect.

    The AUP help describes this ftplogon.wcc hook (also online):


    And it describes when GlobalResult should be set to TRUE if the script
    is not silent. The presumption is that it was FALSE when the script
    is called by wcFTP after the user logs in. Its like the LOGON.WCX for Telnet/Modems. But there is no globalresult idea there.

    For wcFTP 7.0.454.6, apparently, the script is called with
    GlobalResul.t already set to TRUE so it needs to be set to FALSE when
    the script starts and only set it to true if the script uses the print
    command per the example.

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