• Village of the Damned

    From Mike Powell@454:3/105 to ALL on Mon Nov 27 11:37:00 2023
    The other day I had the opportunity to watch Village of the Damned, and the sequel Children of the Damned, for the first time.

    Both were very interesting. I prefered the original to the sequel. The original premise is that there is some "peculiar event" that puts the inhabitants of a particular area into a state of syspended animation where
    they all appear dead. Anyone who enters the area after the initial event
    is also affected.

    Once everyone comes to, they realize that time continued to move on without them. They also realize that many of the fertile women of the village have become pregnant, and that this single English village is not the only
    village in the world where a similar event happened at the same time.

    The children grow quickly and appear to be mentally gifted well beyond
    their years. They also start showing signs of additional powers that they
    use maliciously, threatening their fellow villagers.

    I won't give up how it ends, but it is a good sci-fi/suspense flick.

    The sequel starts off with individual children in different countries who,
    like the kids in the original movie, are gifted beyond their years. The UN gets involved and initially tries to unite the children. However, like in
    the original movie, they too are soon identified as being a potential
    threat that must be dealt with.

    The sequel was also suspenseful, but I didn't think it was as good as the first. Although it was sci-fi, it seemed to spend more effort on the message... that humans don't react well when exposed to people who are different.

    I also could not get over the fact that, although this is a sequel and
    although the events took place after the events in the first, that no one
    in the second seemed to be familar with said events in the first. They did
    try to keep it hush-hush from the general public in the first movie, but
    the military in at least two of the involved countries, and at least some
    in the science community, were certainly aware.

    Waiting for someone to speak up and say "hey, remember when..." and then
    using that knowledge to apply to the current situation may have kept me from enjoying the sequel as much.


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