• Two Networks Project

    From Barry Martin@454:1/1 to All on Sun Jul 25 18:35:00 2021

    Hi All!

    I'm not quite certain of the terminology so will try to use those
    `small words'. What I want to do is create a second network (LAN) here
    for testing. The second network needs to be separate/invisible from
    the first, so for instance if I issued a `destruct' type of command on
    Network #2 it would only kill the devices on that network and not harm
    those on the first network.

    The second network also needs to be able to connect to the existing
    network equipment to eventually upload and download from the Internet
    (WAN). Similar to the old IP Cop setup isolation.

    Also would like it to be reasonably fast - I have 200 Mbps Internet

    Have seen a post at
    https://www.zahradnik.io/raspberry-pi-as-a-home-router seems to be
    potentially correct: as simple as the RPi Ethernet port to the existing
    network and the USB-to-Ethernet adapter to a small Ethernet switch?
    It's the software in the middle I'm wondering about. Or is there
    something in the same price range that does what I want?



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