• getting grafittied (is that the verb?)

    From August Abolins@august@kolico.ca to Barry Martin on Sun Jul 25 12:24:44 2021
    On 7/2/2021 4:21 AM, "Barry Martin" wrote:

    KM> But I love trains, so I don't care. :D
    I'll admit to being part of the take 'em or leave 'em group, but do
    admire the design, strength, sometimes the grafitti. Never had the opportunity to get acquainted.

    They're even more interesting when you have a trackside view. And
    yes, some of the graffiti is quite impressive artwork. Policy
    seems to be to leave it alone so long as it doesn't cover any of
    the safety or capacity markings. Also, if there's already nice
    artwork, the gangs usually don't tag 'em.

    Here they have put artwork on some of the retaining walls and buildings
    to keep them from getting grafittied (is that the verb?), So far seems
    to be working -- pretty sure it goes elsewhere.

    I think the term for unsolicited graffiti is tagged.

    I had something similar happen to the side of the building that I occupy for my shop:

    https://kolico.ca/tmp/g2-IMG_20170318.jpg https://kolico.ca/tmp/g1-IMG_20170318.jpg

    That incident merited a call to police to document the vandalism, and consequently insurance probably covered the cost to remove it.