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    From Barry Martin@454:1/1 to August Abolins on Tue Oct 6 10:19:00 2020
    Subject: virus stuff +masks +rats +fuel

    Hi August!

    I had to get some masks the other day, as all of mine are
    in the wash.
    Borrowed one to go shopping as all of yours were being
    I just throw mine in a bowl or sink with a bit of laundry
    detergent, slosh it around a bit, and let it sit while I do a few
    other things. An hour or two later, I'll slosh it a bit more, and
    wring it out, rinse it in some clean water, and hang it up to
    dry. By morning it is dry and ready to use. No complicated washing/drying-machine necessary.

    We've been using the paper ones as we don't go out into the 'public
    world' but about once a week. I do have two masks in a baggie in my car
    as spares in case needed, otherwise it's go someplace, grab keys,
    wallet, mask.

    ...I have to go out
    today to get some more glue boards to trap more field rats
    (4 were dead on them yesterday, from a week's time), and
    In my area, mice are common nuisance entering a home. For two or
    3 previous years I had none get it. This year, I trapped 3 in 2
    days. The traps this morning have been untouched. Maybe the
    invasion is over now.

    Daryl's jealous! His invasion seemed closer to three in two hours! Not
    all his fault: his late mother had the house before him and apparently a
    few maintenance things didn't get fixed. Daryl didn't know about them:
    just like visiting my Mother I don't snoop around in her bedroom and
    master bathroom. Not off-limits, just no need to go there.

    ...With the VIP Fuel Points Plan
    from Kroger, for every $100 I spend, I get 20 cents a
    gallon off in fuel, up to $1 off. What I wanted to do was
    get it up to $1, with the gas for $1.15 a gallon regular
    wise... then with the discount, get it for 15 cents a
    gallon, take a photo of it, and watch it go viral <G>.
    Read the fine print (*). Similar offers I've seen all have
    *Minimum XXgal purchase required."

    Don't know about his Arkansas regulations but here in Iowa with Hy-Vee (regional grocery chain) there is no minimum but a maximum of 20
    gallons. Person could get a free tank of gas, though has to pay the
    taxes. The promotion points are based on specific 'Fuel Saver' items
    which vary from week to week. Prescription medications may or may not
    be part of the overall Fuel Saver items: last couple of years I got 2
    in fuel points per medication per refill, this year not. Might depend
    on the insurance. I did get my first flu shot and got the 20 points.
    (The numbers are correct.)

    I view the Fuel Saver promo as a nice add-on but don't scramble to buy something just to get the points. I might buy ahead a jar of peanuts if
    the sale price is good and so the Fuel Saver points make it better
    --peanuts store well.


    ... Headline: Dr. Ruth to talk about sex with newspaper editors
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