• Re: virus stuff +masks +rats +fuel

    From August Abolins@august@kolico.ca to Barry Martin on Mon Oct 5 08:57:59 2020
    On 8/21/2020 3:34 AM, between "Barry Martin":
    & Daryl!

    I had to get some masks the other day, as all of mine are
    in the wash.
    Borrowed one to go shopping as all of yours were being

    I just throw mine in a bowl or sink with a bit of laundry detergent, slosh it around a bit, and let it sit while I do a few other things. An hour or two later, I'll slosh it a bit more, and wring it out, rinse it in some clean water, and hang it up to dry. By morning it is dry and ready to use. No complicated washing/drying-machine necessary.

    ...I have to go out
    today to get some more glue boards to trap more field rats
    (4 were dead on them yesterday, from a week's time), and

    In my area, mice are common nuisance entering a home. For two or 3 previous years I had none get it. This year, I trapped 3 in 2 days. The traps this morning have been untouched. Maybe the invasion is over now.

    ...With the VIP Fuel Points Plan
    from Kroger, for every $100 I spend, I get 20 cents a
    gallon off in fuel, up to $1 off. What I wanted to do was
    get it up to $1, with the gas for $1.15 a gallon regular
    wise... then with the discount, get it for 15 cents a
    gallon, take a photo of it, and watch it go viral <G>.

    Read the fine print (*). Similar offers I've seen all have *Minimum XXgal purchase required."