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    From Daryl Stout@454:1/33 to Nancy Backus on Tue Jun 30 14:40:00 2020

    States where things opened too fast and people were being sloppy are indeed having spikes again in their Covid counts.... So far NY is
    staying the course, and almost fully reopened again.... but there is a fairly good compliance with the safety guidelines that accompany each phase of the openings... Some of it might be overkill, and there is
    some laxity in total implementation, but overall, most are being
    careful for themselves and for others' sakes... :)

    They've had brawls in some restaurants...where customers won't wear
    the masks, and when called down by employees, the customers cuss them
    out, or throw food and drink at them. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson
    rightly calls these idiots "selfish".

    I don't know if our governor is still doing the daily briefings... the news doesn't seem to carry it as much anyway... :)

    Arkansas' governor is...last I checked.

    Exactly... and that factored in... both of us quite well, both kinda
    ready to take the chance... :)

    If we can ever square dance again, we're going to make those "64 beat
    moves". <G>

    Doesn't hurt to be a little extra cautious... :) Probably wouldn't be
    an issue if one didn't do it, but doesn't hurt to do either... :)

    It's hard enough getting square dance club members to sweep the floor,
    etc. after a dance...constant cleaning and sanitizing with COVID-19 isn't
    worth it.

    ... No wanna do housework, wanna bang on keyboard

    I resemble that tagline. <G>


    ... When I erase a word with a pencil, where does it go??
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