• Re: Resend Solar TV Bat

    From Daryl Stout@454:1/33 to Nancy Backus on Sat Jun 27 17:19:00 2020

    I'm just as happy when summer temps are on the cooler side, myself...
    but when it gets hot enough, those basement projects will go higher on
    the list for you... ;)

    In the winter, you can keep adding layer of clothing to keep warm.
    In the summer, you can only remove so much to keep cool, before it
    becomes illegal. But, even in a nudist colony, you can't go any further
    when you get down to just your skin.

    Back when there were plastic bags here, the cashier would double bag
    them for putting cans into them... ;)

    They do that with the flavored water bottles...but those plastic bags
    are so flimsy.


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