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    Just uploaded "Part 1" so I don't get too large a packet. Problem
    would be more with the OLMR than any other part. Plus it ended up
    yours was message #12345 - easy to memorize! (Plus different colours
    and markers.)

    You just had too many messages there from Daryl and me... <G> At least
    this isn't a multi-hundred message packet... <G>

    There are some things and applications where Windows is a necessity.
    Agreed, reluctantly... ;) And that's partly why Richard has a
    selection of computers of his own... some with Linux, some with DOS,
    some with Windows, depending on what he needs/wants....
    I'm sort of visualizing someone browsing in front of a collection of
    computers like one would browse a magazine rack!
    Not quite.... ;) But he does have them all around him as he sits
    at his computer desk.... most are some sort of laptop.... :)
    All makes sense when one thinks about it a little. Different machines
    for different jobs. Here I could combine computers but easier and
    better to have some as dedicated to a particular job. No one-size- fits-all rule!

    Exactly. :) He likes to do his internet browsing, etc with his linux
    machine, but some websites require windows of some sort... And some of
    the programs he writes are for more than one platform, so he has to test
    them out on different machines with different OSes... and so forth... ;)

    A while back I had a problem with some thumbdrives - not an off-brand
    -- and the repair required Windows - not even an inkling of a
    consideration for Mac much less Linux. IMO a bit short-sighted.
    One could say that... :)
    I'll admit to barely having an idea of the work to create a repair
    utility -- I know it's a lot of work! Seems like it is something that
    should have been done by now but for whatever reason hasn't. Know I'm
    not the only one who has screwed up thumbdrives; I'm probably like
    99.9% of those who have who has no idea how to create a repair utility
    and so relies on that 0.1%.
    Richard might be able to do it.... but I don't know if he has, or if
    he'd want to.... :)
    It seems not to be a simple job as there are no Linux-specific repair utilities -- of course someone has to be first!

    True... :)

    I've done that many a time with DOS, for the same reason... and yes,
    one really doesn't want to wait until it was really tight... <G>
    In my DOS Days I used to edit saved files to keep within the 2048 byte
    cluster size -- don't know if was worth the work but was a good review
    of the material!
    If things tended to always be tight, it might have been worth the
    work... Of course nowadays, the basic cluster size is a lot larger
    than that, so you end up wasting space with those smaller files... ;)
    Solved that problem with a 3 TB hard drive! ...414 GB (17%) used --
    wellllll, maybe was a bit of overkill!
    Ummmm, yes..... I'd say so.... just a bit of overkill... <G> For
    now, anyway... ;)
    Too much storage is better than not enough. I had semi-calculated how much I probably needed, based on the old computer's storage, the
    tacked-on external drive, etc. Must have counted something twice!

    Or what was newly available was obviously going to be at least enough,
    and then some... ;)

    ttyl neb

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