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    While I think of it (due to the Subject) I did have some ginger tea yesterday afternoon -- not bad! Has a bit of a 'kick' to it, not at
    all unpleasant. The only potential downside was it may have caused my kidneys to go a bit into overdrive last night; then again, every so
    often I do make more than the customary numbers of trips to the
    bathroom so probably just coincidence.

    Probably just a coincidence.... unless you'd been retaining fluids
    unknowingly and somehow it wass helping you balance out... ;)

    Similar for back then: the newcomer lady might wear the bustle and
    sport the pink parasol whereas the residenced lady probably a skirt
    without any metal enhancements getting in the way. Some sort of
    protection from the Sun a probability, just not as fragile.
    Sounds likely... :)
    They probably brought the delicate parasol, clothing, etc., they had
    along, found it didn't hold up, and then purchased a pretty
    replacement that was sturdier, so met both needs.
    Quite possible... :)
    I wonder if parasols will come back into style with the 'protection
    from harmful UV rays' consideration? ...Have a clip for the cell phone
    so can face time while walking!
    You really should look into getting a retirement job as an inventions
    thinker.... You keep coming up with ideas.... who knows if they are
    at all practical, but maybe someone could run with them... <G>
    Never run when holding sharp objects like scissors and umbrellas with their pointy ribs!

    There is that.... ;)

    Actually your suggestion would be a consideration. Not so sure about
    a job but maybe submit as the random thought strikes and gets fleshed
    out a bit. Someone came up with everything we use today!

    True... and you might as well get credit for it if you come up with something.... ;)

    Right: did find in the manual there is heat directed to the side
    mirrors when the rear window defogger is on. Suppose would have
    figured that out if I needed to drive more than ten minutes anywhere!
    As long as you had turned on the rear window defogger... ;)
    Which I sometimes did: parked in the driveway the rear of the car
    faces East and there have been times when leaving later the back end of
    the car was clear so no need to turn on that defogger, so no heat the
    to side mirrors.
    At least most of the time, though, if the back window was clear,
    chances would be that the side mirrors would also be, as they face
    the same direction.... ;)
    Yes, except for a little detail here is frequently when I went to work
    in the morning the back half of the car would be in the sunshine and
    the front in the shade. So the front windshield probably needing to be
    defogged but the rear window not, so no need to turn on the defogger
    switch which would have heated up the side mirrors.
    Ah... yes, that could skew things... ;)
    Plus it just happened driving to the store, etc., I'd be travelling
    West, so the Sun would be behind me (well, in the morning!), warming
    the rear of the car.

    Yet another thing to skew things... ;)

    ttyl neb

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