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    Just waiting for this to cycle back around... ;) Last week, on a
    "it's too hot to cook, so let's pick up something cool at Wegmans
    for supper" foray (Thursday, I think), I found those 2-pk packages
    of hard-cooked and shelled eggs...! There was a whole slew of them
    in the "quick-grab" dairy display in the front of the store... funny
    I never noticed them there before... :) Grabbed one package, and as
    it's good until July 7, haven't done anything with it yet, but
    expect it to be an addition to a supper salad at some point... :)
    Horray! I haven't 'explored' to see if Hy-Vee has the hard boiled
    eggs. Did buy a dozen eggs at 88 -- advertised special, limit of two;
    got just one dozen as didn't need two.

    Our store still has the bags of 6 (cooked, peeled) both in organic and regular... those are in dairy, next to the uncooked eggs... but this
    finally answered the question of where that odd 2-pk at the checkout had
    come from (at least potentially).... ;)

    ...I've also noticed while driving in
    my hatchback, trucks and SUVs -- vehicles that sit higher - tend to come
    closer to my rear bumper at a stop than cars. Half-thinking might be
    because the drivers sitting higher can look down and see the actual
    space between us whereas the drivers sitting lower see their hood and
    have to guess the spacing. Or could be just when I see my rear view
    mirror filled with a reflection of a semi it just looks really close!
    Probably some of each... :)
    There have been times when I've been tempted to step out and check;
    the problem of course is the other driver would probably think I'm
    being confrontational just for getting out of the car, much less
    Yeah... probably best to just stay put and wonder... ;) Maybe you
    could set up the experiment with a friend that has the larger
    vehicle... have them come up behind as at a light, and then go out
    and see... :) There's also the possibility that some of those higher
    riding vehicles actually have less stuff in the front of their vehicle
    than a shorter normal car's hood would extend... :)
    Possible, and right on probably best to stay in the car. ...Might be
    able to get by with it in an eccentric manner: use a tape measure. "Whadaya doin'?!" "Just checking for six feet. COVID-19, y'know!"

    [wary shake of head] Dunno about that... tempers are likely to be
    getting short with all the isolating people have had to be doing... even eccentric might not seem very humorous... ;) I'd only do it with
    someone I knew, and that was already in on the operation... ;)

    Better the windshield end! My guess with the " lift is the hood
    wasn't fully latched, or maybe with all that breeze there was enough
    play in the mechanism: seems some hoods move over and around vs. just
    Definitely with the breeze the higher speed was generating, the air
    was getting up under the hood... whether it was from the latch or the
    grill, I don't really know, but I think it more likely the latter...
    As I recall, the latch end of the hood seemed pretty solidly in
    place, so likely play in the hinge.... scary enough to get me to let
    off on the accelerator... ;)
    Would seem when moving there was always air rushing under the hood but
    could see where above a certain speed a spring or something else in
    the latching assemblies moved/flexed. And yes, that would cause me to
    slow down too ==> something's not right and so slow down to be a little
    safer/easier to stop, etc.
    And just a little concern that in a moment I might have become
    airborne, even.... <G>
    Probably impossible under those conditions but seeing a hood rise and
    one would wonder what else.

    Given a slight rise in the road, not totally out of the question...
    probably not more than an inch or so, but that's enough to not have
    control of the car until it returns to the pavement... ;)

    Right. Autumn's mother forwarded to us an e-mail coupon from a local
    pizza chain for a large pizza, bread sticks and pint of ice cream --
    they arrived nice and warm (well, fortunately not the ice cream!) and
    so maybe the good delivery experience will break the slump.
    And pizza delivery has a reputation for keeping the pizza nice and
    warm... they probably have the ice cream pints deep-frozen so that
    they'll stay frozen for the trip, too...
    Yes, cool pizza, especially the initial pie/slice, isn't all that
    desireable. It is expected to be very warm to hot, The ice cream
    probably was deep-frozen or at least not freshly scooped out as was
    rather solid.
    I can eat leftover pizza warm or cold, depending... but fresh
    certainly is better nice and warm with melty cheese... :)
    Agree! I prefer leftover pizza cold just because it never seems to be right when rewarmed: crust gets soggy, hot spots next to cold spots,
    too hot.... There are devices and techniques to reheat pizza which
    appear to work, for us generally just something else to store. And
    often to me the cold leftover slice has a different flavour from when
    it was originally hot.

    As long as it still is good, just different, that's not too bad... ;)

    That's for sure! ...I'm guessing "to get one's attention" it's better
    to use a paper (so snail-mailed) flyer as is something physically
    handled; just too easy to glance and hit <delete> with an electronic
    Just as easy to glance and toss into recycle, though... ;) But nicely
    done might be enough of an eye-catcher to at least read once... <G>
    Or glance at the back: ooo - blank! Slice with letter opener and
    becomes scratch paper!

    That works, too... ;)

    ttyl neb

    ... A day without potatoes is like, well, any other day

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