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    From Daryl Stout@454:1/33 to Barry Martin on Thu Jun 18 02:30:00 2020

    Because it's a fun thing to do! My Lhasa Apso (RIP) found out it as
    fun to slide on the newspaper: she'd get a running start, jump on a section, and wheee!

    All animals have their quirks.

    Neither bathroom here has a window but like yours during the day
    there's enough light coming in. If no one around I will urinate with
    the door open, but for whatever reason it just doesn't seem right to
    'go potty' with the door open. Just another personal quirk!

    Being home alone is where you can poop with the door open. <G>

    Should have had that checked while they were inside repairing the
    hernia. ...Oh, it's not a literal internal thermostat! (I get sooo confused some times!)

    Apparently so.

    It's getting near 90 for highs and in the 60s for lows...but temperatures are slowly rising.

    Summertime, an' the livin' is ea-seeee!

    George Gershwin (from Porgy And Bess) you are not. <G> Now, that's
    also the song that singing ventriloquist Darci Lynn Farmer (who won
    America's Got Talent a few years ago) did for her opening act, and
    she got "the golden buzzer".

    It is an interesting time. In some ways not as bad as the Great Depression, in others a lot worse. (I'm glad I'm retired and don't
    have to worry about a paycheck - as long as the IRA, Social Security
    and pension keep paying!)

    I'm just getting disability...but I understand Medicare is far less
    than that.

    Im thinking towards but not like before COVID-19. In some ways for the better: some people, stores, restaurants, etc., were getting a bit
    sloppy in cleanliness. As for the economy in general, I think it will take a bit for recovery, though sections having problems seem to be countered with new technolgy counterbalancing.

    Arkansas' Governor, Asa Hutchinson, announced an immunity deal for businesses, but it didn't apply to those being reckless with their
    operations or precautions.

    I never was that thrilled about going to the hospital one way or
    another! Glad they're there, of course.

    When I had penile pain last fall, they did a check for STD's (I guess
    they wanted something to add to the bill)...but I hadn't had sexual
    intercourse since my wife died over 13 years ago. It turned out to be
    a severe UTI...which are common as one gets older.

    I'm thinking it was chocolate candy on an assembly line.

    Maybe that was it.

    Probably so; wasn't my type of music generally; there are probbaly a
    few tunes I'd thumb-up. If someone wanted to watch I'd not belly-ache.

    They had a show in Little Rock one night, "The Stars Of The Lawrence
    Welk Show"...I was lucky to get a ticket...it sold out completely.


    ... I have a rock garden. Last week, 3 of them died.
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