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    Hi Nancy!

    if someone is in a nursing home/care facility or hospital, etc., is
    a "can't". Also can't reserve a large table or room at a restaurant
    as no dine-in yet -- everybody meet in the parking lot! <g>
    Here, gathering in the parking lot would also have been a no-no...
    except maybe for a very small group... and we'd have to have masks and
    social distancing... And having a party (other than virtual) has also
    been forbidden....
    Here too, though at least it would be easier to social distance at
    tables set up in the parking lot than inside.
    I suppose so...
    There was something about groups of ten or less now being allowed as
    part of the re-opening guidelines.
    I think groups of up to ten are allowed here, too... and possibly
    were all along, as that was somewhat the guideline as to how many
    could be the "skeleton crew" at church for the livestream
    services... but definitely with distancing and now masks...

    The hospitals and nursing homes have recently begun allowing one adult
    visitor at a time, two in instances of impending death or births.
    Presume all sort of distancing and masking requirements, but at least
    can now have vistors. Would imagine that's a mental booster!

    I haven't heard when restaurants are going to be allowed to re-open
    (under COVID-19 guidelines); this morning's news did have a blurb about
    *maybe* hair salons, barbershops, and the like might be allowed to
    re-open this Saturday (May 16th). As was a local station implied here
    in Scott County even though we're one of the 22 counties still under
    the temporarily closed quidelines (though portions of the Mall opened
    earlier this week).
    Each state (and region, etc) seems to be making up their own rules as
    to what happens when...
    Right. LIS I was surprised at some of the allowed to re-open options
    here in Scott County when we're still 'closed'.
    Maybe you got opened up a little when you weren't noticing...?

    Quite possible. Things and guidelines are changing rapidly.

    Did notice a lack of the floor decal in two areas which
    are side-by-side. The store's general tile is a medium gray --
    actually a nice colour and not as boring as it sounds. Also has a bit
    of bounce to it. One of the sections without the one way decals is a black-and-white sort of zig-zag pattern which will be the new candy section -- I had commented on it to one of the manangers when I first
    saw it a few weeks ago - that's when I found out it was going to be the candy section and he or one of the guys he was with commented on it as being Willie Wonka-ish (from the movie). The other section (adjacent)
    has a charcoal coloured tile. No idea what's going there (stay tuned!).
    Maybe they are waiting to make sure that the one-way is still
    needed when those sections get opened for business before putting
    them down... if not needed, then no need to waste time putting
    down and then picking back up... :)

    The black-and-white zig-zag tiled section is the Candy Shop. At this
    point not sure if all candy is going over there or just the larger
    packets and specialties, with the individual candy bars and packs
    separated like before the remodel. Half-thinking combined but I wasn't
    needing candy this week (surprise! <g>) so wasn't paying close

    The charcoal gray tiled section is for greeting cards and smaller gifts,
    being set up as a boutique with individual tables and displays. Both
    areas are still being put together.

    Agree. The six foot distancing isn't a guarantee to stay healthy but
    more probability of a safe zone. If someone is hacking away I'll be
    increasing my six foot zone!
    You'd probably have done that even in more normal times... <G>
    When possible!
    A lot of what we are doing is just a more stringent form of what we
    probably would normally be doing... :)
    True. If know someone is sick probably would want to keep them at a distance almost naturally. And not like places aren't cleaned, just
    now being more paid attention to the act of cleaning and the detail.
    Yup, right now our consciousness of things is heightened because
    of the crisis... and extra care is being taken as well... :)

    Right, which makes sense. Overall self-protection, or at least for most
    of us, so natural distancing to keep the stranger at a distance, but
    that conflicts with our social nature of closeness. As for cleanliness,
    before I never considered wiping a cart's handle before. Did glance to
    check if the cart was reasonably clean; now: squirt - wipe.

    ... Ask me about my vow of silence.
    Not that you'd be allowed to respond.... <G>
    Can I pantomime?
    Only if allowed by your order... ;)
    I'll have to ask the Head Monk, though that seems to have a bit of an issue in itself.
    From what I've read, often with the vow of silence there's a
    brief respite once a day or some other time period... maybe one
    could ask then... ;)

    Maybe the joke about the monk 'trainee' who was only allowed to speak
    once a year a single word. Goes something like the first year "cold";
    second "uncomfortable", third year <something>. Fifth year the head
    monk summons the trainee for their annual meeting. "I'm letting you go:
    all you have done since getting here is complain, complain, complain".


    ... Optimist thinks this is best possible world; pessimist fears is true.
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