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    That would be bad. :( More extended closures for a portion of the
    city, flood waters are not terribly clean so that medical issue to also
    contend with; keeping the social distancing while building flood
    walls, moving items to hopefully keep out of the water, etc......
    And I heard that Midland Michigan is having their own flooding issues
    on top of the COVID-19... and needed to evacuate people to shelters...
    which needed to follow the virus protocols.... Hopefully the danger
    has receded in your part of the world...
    Haven't heard of any flooding though the past week's rain and drizzle
    have made the ground saturated. The sump pump here has been working though I think finally got caught up yesterday.

    Sounds promising then that this year won't be a repeat of last year for
    you guys...

    As for Michigan -- eek! Saw their flooded streets, etc., on the news.

    I only heard about it... by now, maybe things have gone more back to
    normal for them, too...

    And Texas had ping
    pong ball-sized hail. Daryl's been reporting thunderstorms for his
    area but not nearby -- just close enough to make him a little nervous.

    Rather unsettled weather everywhere, it seems....

    I'm not a big fan of having the same meal the following night; a one
    night interval is sufficient.
    Richard's not keen on that either... so we do tend to space out the
    leftovers... and/or present them in a different fashion... ;)
    Yum: turkey! Yum! Turkey leftovers! Yum - turkey pot pie. Um -
    turkey soup. Ah - I think I'm growing feathers!
    You should have had other meals interspersed with the turkey ones... <G>

    Um... maybe not... maybe pork or beef...? :) Hamburgers, even... :)

    The mega-Turkey at Christmas is an expected exception.
    And even then, we'd tend to have variations on the theme, not just a
    repeat of the first turkey meal.... ;)
    See above? <g> Usually we'll do a turkey leftover meal and there will
    be some turkey leftover for sandwiches. If a lot of turkey left over
    will be frozen for much later meal. We do of course end up giving away
    part of the original leftover to the kids.
    We start with less to begin with... don't do the full turkey anymore
    (and the last time we did, it was for my whole extended family, so
    there weren't any leftovers to speak of), but instead just do a turkey
    thigh or two....
    Right: at this point we're still hosting a bit of extended family and
    want to have at least one meal each to take away.

    So there are always plans for most of what ever is left... :)

    As for throwing out, that's almost a sin!
    True.... And I do tend to think of the provoking tagline as a bit
    on the egregious side... <G> Now, if the leftover turkey is
    starting to be a mold farm, that's a different story... <G>
    The establishment of the Mold Farm means there was poor planning: too
    much not frozen!
    Or the container got pushed further back into the fridge than one
    remembered, and it was totally forgotten until much later... ;)
    The good news is that hasn't happened for some time. As long as
    'almost' doesn't count!

    If it was caught before it had to be tossed, could still be used, then
    almost wouldn't count... ;)

    ... Chicken Tikka Masala not fish 'n chips is the national
    British dish.
    That could probably lead to a few trivia contest wins!
    If it actually is accurate... I do have my doubts as to whether it's
    true or just a joke... <G>
    I'm thinking the latter:
    Chicken tikka masala is a dish of chunks of roasted marinated
    chicken in a spiced curry sauce. The sauce is usually creamy and orange-coloured. There are multiple claims to its place of origin
    such as the United Kingdom and Indian subcontinent. It is among the
    United Kingdom's most popular dishes.

    Popular, yes, but not replacing fish and chips necessarily... ;)

    Sounds like the tagline had a bit of confusion. ...Not like I've
    never had that problem!

    I'm sure that it wasn't really intended for actual truth, just to get a
    rise out of people... a related one is below... ;)

    ttyl neb

    ... Vindaloo has replaced haggis as the national dish of Scotland

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