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    Hi Nancy!

    Ok, since you confirmed that you never got these, I'm re-sending
    in groups of 5... Trying to update would probably be way more
    effort than just this exercise in retrieving and resending... <G>
    Today's is the group of 5 from June 1st... :)

    Thanks! ...Naturally the "I wonder what happened to them" and from
    watching my mail runs I know uploads from here occurred but there was
    nothing to download. "Poop occurred" somewhere between us.

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    Quoting Barry Martin to Nancy Backus on 17-May-2020 09:15 <=-
    Sigh.... I AM slipping.... 2 weeks behind now...!

    And now effectively even further!

    Just curious sorts like us tend to wonder about it... ;)
    More than likely. Similar for a lot of things: just happens. Up
    until a few messages ago I didn't know the size of a HESCO barrier: was
    just a big box filled with sand by a bulldozer and a lot more efficient
    than sandbags.
    And generally that would be sufficient to know... until we start
    getting curious... ;)
    True: Black Box Concepts getting smaller and smaller.
    To some extent... ;)
    They do get smaller: I just haven't figured out how they get all of
    them to fit in that first box! ...I think that's another Black Box
    line of discovery!!
    Probably... <G>

    Sometimes it's just easier to keep it packaged in that Black Box. I'm
    pretty much for recycling, re-use, etc., but there are limitations:
    trusting a re-used HESCO barrier against tons of river water to protect millions of dollars of property may not be the smartest. Maybe as a secondary/backup level: the reused barrier supporting the new barrier. Overall seems safer to strain out the parts of the used barrier and
    recycle those materials to make new.

    There are quite a few people interested in environmental issues around here would seem it would have come up. Just have to find out some
    Maybe it has already but you weren't enough interested at the
    time...? ;)

    Good assessment. :) Davenport has the problem, Bettendorf essentially doesn't. We pretty much install flood panels across the street and a
    strip of land and we're done. And I'm pretty much in the "I'll
    cooperate" mindset by putting my trash in the trash and my recyclables
    in the appropriate bin but to go a pick up trash event, sorry, no.

    We've found the Mississippi almost always floods due to rain; detail
    is almost never if just rains South of here. (Ooo! I'm in trouble
    now!!) During very high waters they will ban pleasure boats on the
    River because too dangerous (hit debris/hit by debris, and the water
    is flowing too rapidly) plus if travelling too fast will create waves which weaken sandbag walls and sometimes splash over barricades.
    All very sensible... :) At the shores of Lake Ontario, when the
    water is high, there's similar restrictions/prohibitions against
    speed, lest the created waves wash away even more shoreline....

    Right: there were times when the river levels was right at the top of
    the barriers (I'm talking multiple rivers and multiple locactions. not restricted to the Quad Cities proper): a wave from a boat could cause
    water to splash over the barrier, starting a wear-away problem.

    Makes sense... are the re-opening counties doing ok...?
    I haven't heard any negatives but might be a little too early
    considering incubation period. The medical director for Rock Island
    County (IL) - across the River from us - is concerned with reopening
    too soon in both Iowa and Illinois, causing a resurgence. Personally I
    agree with him, as do a lot of people, though I can see the need to
    reopen businesses to get people their paychecks.
    A lot depends on how willing people are to still keep their distance
    and practice the safety measures... if there's too much> crowding,
    things could easily resurge....
    True: nice to be be in a crowd: amplifies the concert experience, camaraderie in a bar, the overall social experience, etc., but the downside is the easier transmission of disease -- any disease, not
    just COVID-19.
    Yup, upsides and downsides to crowds... some diseases are more
    easily spread than others, of course... Even for bars and
    concerts, I'd just as soon not be in too much of a crowd,
    though... ;)

    I'm/we've not gone out all that much - high point of general socializing
    is grocery shopping!! Places are partially opening now, usually at 50% capacity. We don't do the Bar Thing, nor eat out all that much (I'm
    getting a bit antsy though!).

    One can somewhat control social distancing at a grocery store or
    restaurant. At a bar/party situation probably not nearly the control:
    drunk guy/gal stumbles against.....

    ...Saw a news item where a restaurant re-opened and instead of blocking off every other booth with tape they dressed up mannequins and blow-up dolls and sat and posed them at the not-to-be-occupied tables. (Some
    of the blow-up ones did look a little 'suspicious' and spooky!) Clever idea to make the restaurant look less empty; wonder how many live
    patrons took photos/selfies with the mannequins?
    People being as they are, I'd guess it at least occurred to many
    of them... and probably some did follow through... ;)

    I'll admit to thinking I might be tempted! At least take a picture of
    the mannequin-occupied tables. Selfie or picture of the group
    "chatting" with them is almost a natural.

    Barber shops/salons, gyms, and another category or two could do
    restricted openings starting yesterday (May 16). Where I go for a
    haircut wasn't opening until today (Sunday), probably more for
    scheduling purposes and maybe the company can write off all of last
    week as a loss. Was a little surprised of the openings here as we're
    one of the twenty-two counties still highly restricted in Iowa, mainly because we didn't start getting cases until later.
    Sounds like your governor reconsidered about whether to open your counties, then... and it really does show how differently various
    things are viewed from state to state.... Those are in a much
    later category for us... barber shops etc aren't open yet, and I
    think we've entered phase 2....

    There were probably other considerations of which I was not aware.
    Sometimes just easier to go with the flow: barber shop open - OK, get a haircut eventually. Barber shop open, well, makes it rather hard to get
    a haircut there! (Self-trimming aside.)

    Currently raining + fog: not going to be getting any outside work done today! Ground is saturated from the rain last week; sump pump started doing it's thing yesterday. Autumm investigated the drain and then
    ran off as there was some bugs she didn't like -- normally she likes
    bugs: she even put five 'roly polies' in a plastic doll bed, added a
    small cap-like thing with water for them....
    Maybe those bugs she didn't like looked particularly ugly/scary
    and not at all cute....

    Quite possibly. Some bugs don't have that attractiveness quality, at
    least to humans. And she was playing with some roly-polies she found in
    the rock garden here yesterday. (She did return them when she was

    the Burning Bush doesn't look too good: several of the trunk branches
    Haven't done anything directly with the Burning Bush but looks to be
    dead. Not sure what the other shrub/bush is but the leaves look to be
    different from what I remember the Burning Bush having, but could be
    because has recently budded and not fully leafed out. Need to do
    other yard work before cutting out the dead branches.
    You'll get to it soon enough... ;)
    Yup. Was doing some yard cleanup yesterday and with it greening up
    doesn't look as bad. Still needs to be done of course. But First!
    A bit at a time... ;)
    And today's not it's time!
    Has it happened yet....? ;)

    Uh, no. Too, hot, too rainy, roof repair, taking care of Autumn.... If
    the dead branches rot won't have to cut!!


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