• Daryl - getting close!

    From Barry Martin@454:1/1 to All on Mon Jun 1 07:31:00 2020

    Message from Daryl -- late evening May 31st:

    Subject: Back Up, But Glitches

    Well, I got the BBS back up, but still have these glitches to sort out.

    1) I got QWK Mail downloads working, but REP uploads aren't extracting.

    2) The legacy doorgames aren't working, and I've got the system set to
    run in legacy mode in the DOS windows.

    So, I have to do some research on both of those.

    Thunderstorms are forecast mid to late this week, and I'm to have
    surgery on Thursday. Then, some weather models are forecasting the
    remnants of a tropical weather system to affect us early next
    week..that'll mean more thunderstorms with a threat of flooding rain and tornadoes.

    I did not get a chance to send out Areafix messages for all the work on
    the system today, but I have to be up before sunrise in the morning, for
    a COVID-19 check, in preparation for the hernia surgery on Thursday. I
    will try to do the Areafix messages Monday afternoon.

    The BBS is now on my late Mom's computer.



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