• Update of Daryl & BBS

    From Barry Martin@454:1/1 to All on Thu May 14 15:39:00 2020

    Hi Folks!

    Looks like things are finally looking up for Daryl: still some timing
    delays but at least positive progress:

    Subject: BBS Update

    A bit of an update on the BBS:

    1) The BBS's data is salvageable...had that not been the case, it
    would've ended right here.

    2) Since the hardware was originally designed for Windows 7, and it was
    several years old (the power supply had failed at least twice over
    the years), I am using my COVID-19 stimulus money as a combination
    early Christmas, belated birthday, and anniversary remembrance
    present (May 18 would've been my 17th wedding anniversary, but I lost
    my wife to a heart attack just over 13 years ago). From what I
    understand, it'll have 8 Gigabytes of RAM, a 1 Terrabyte hard drive
    (I wasn't hurting on room on the old system), a faster CPU (not sure
    of the speed offhand), a sound card, and all the other goodies you'd
    expect with a fresh system.

    3) I had to order a Windows 10 32-bit DVD, as all desktop and laptop
    systems are preconfigured with Windows 10 64-bit. I was NOT going to
    let all those registered doors go to waste. By ordering it through
    Best Buy instead of Microsoft, I saved $90 off the cost. I went ahead
    and paid for the system yesterday, so they could get it ordered.

    4) The DVD will be shipped to the west Little Rock Best Buy location (so
    it doesn't get stolen out of my mailbox at home), but it won't arrive
    until Saturday, May 23. With Monday, May 25 being the Memorial Day
    Holiday, I can't deliver the DVD to the shop until May 26...a week
    from this coming Tuesday. By some miracle, if it were to arrive on
    May 22, I could deliver it that day, but I doubt they'd start work on
    it until after the holiday weekend, anyway.

    5) I tentatively have outpatient laparoscopic hernia surgery set for
    June 4 (that is to be confirmed with the scheduler...plus providing I
    test negative for COVID-19, and if I can get a ride, since I can't
    drive after being sedated). I will NOT be able to drive or do any
    heavy lifting for at least 10 days after that....but they said I
    could work at the computer, and move around the house. If the system
    is ready prior to June 4, I could get it, and bring it home, and
    weather permitting, bring the BBS back online. If not, it might be
    mid-June or later, before I can pick the system up. I will be sure I
    have plenty of food and drink available here during the "post surgery

    I'll keep everyone posted, and will resume mail runs, etc. as soon as I
    can get back online.

    Daryl Stout, WX4QZ -- You're DEAD WRONG if you try to beat a train to a crossing.
    For details, go to http://www.theweatherwonder.com/rxr.htm


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