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    LIS some time back, the COVID-19 issues may end up having the positive
    effect of people being more mindful of health issues. Glancing at the
    sink does not equate washing ones hands. Coughing/sneezing into the
    air may be easier for that person but can be unhealthy for the
    surrounding people. (Ask anyone in retail!)
    For sure... :) Some of that is merely good health sense... The
    negative is in the what may be overkill reactions to dealing with it,
    at least in the long term, of the social distancing and isolations and
    even masks and gloves.... Hopefully the restrictions will be all
    lifted when the crisis is over, leaving just the reasonable health
    responses... :)
    It will be interesting! Right now the masking and gloves and santizing everything might be an overreaction.

    Possibly.... certainly more than I'd necessarily find necessary, but
    then I tend to be more laid back about such things...

    Not saying it isn't the right thing to do; at this point we don't know
    the details and so tend to overreact, to do everything to protect as opposed to just what is necessary.

    And that's pretty much how I look at it, too... better probably to
    overreact to some extent, than to be too complacent... Where one draws
    the line varies, though, I've noted.... ;)

    I do think society in general will change: it will be almost a social disgrace to go out sick. Where the sick line is drawn I don't know: sniffles from allergies isn't catching but can be similiar to sniffles from a cold.

    For a while, maybe... and not that bad a thing in some respects for
    people to be allowed to stay home when actually sick... I expect that
    it'll be back more to what we've had pretty soon after the threat is
    over, people being what they are... only a hundred years ago was the
    Spanish Flu... and that didn't change behaviours forever... ;)

    Small gatherings -- would be somewhat easy to maintain a bit of a distance, which I think will be decreased but not back to the almost walking into each other. Larger gathering will be more difficult to maintain a distance, especially as excitement builds on the event

    We're going to be back to having weddings and funerals.... some of those
    are relatively small... but I don't think that someone wanting a large
    wedding is going to hold back just because.... And a large family will
    make for a large funeral....

    Business will be interesting. For "corporate stuff" they've found a
    lot could be done from home, so might be a way for the many of the cube farms to be disassembled, possibly replacing a few with conference
    rooms for when people do have to meet once or three times a week.

    Maybe.... as long as the management doesn't feel the need to be hands-on meddling in every detail....

    Retail will probably essentially stay somewhat like current with a big amount as on-line shopping. People do like to shop, especially feel clothing and see how it fits, so maybe that segment of shopping back
    to as it was, though possibly even less in-stock (one shirt in stock, sold, replacement comes in.)

    A lot of people need to make sure clothing actually fits, and make sure
    the color or pattern is flattering... so I'd think that would go back to
    what it was... Even appliances and cars and such there's a lot of
    personal preference (and need to actually check out in person) that goes
    into choices....

    The mom-and-pop type shops are going to have a short-term struggle and then possibly proliferate as they take over specialties. Maybe the
    return of shoe stores as people prefer to try on to be certain is comfortable as opposed to a shirt/blouse which doesn't have to not hit
    on a bunion and can flop around a bit.

    I'd guess both would need to be more in person to make sure of fit... :)

    All guesses, of course,

    And we'll see how things actually play out... :)

    There may be other positive effects: might be easier to take time off
    if one is sick - factory, office, etc. General thought was come to
    work unless you're dead. Maybe now will change to if you're sick stay
    That would be a positive effect from it... Fewer other communicable
    things could be so easily transmitted if sick people could stay home
    to get well first... :)
    True. I know I went to work several times just because "it was the
    thing to do".

    Fortunately, I don't get sick all that often... and when I do, I'm
    really sick and couldn't go in if I wanted to... :)

    And the latest executive order from our governor mandates masks for
    all in public where social distancing might be an issue.... it's
    still voluntary compliance, but this does raise the ante.... Mass
    transport, for-hire vehicles and stores are specifically mentioned...
    Makes sense. (I initially interpreted 'Mass transport' as the one in
    Massachusetts -- well, MA is next to NY, plus heard on the news when I
    was in NH!) Masks, properly fitting and worn, will trap much of the
    aerosol-ized exhaled breath vapor the viruses are hitchhiking on, plus
    block most from being inhaled, especially in close-quarters and where
    not much movement. Was reading where with normal walking there is
    enough pushing aside of small particles suspended in the air so one
    doesn't inhale.
    Interesting. Mostly for me, what I notice is that the mask traps
    moist, warm breath.... I'm only wearing it as mandated, in stores
    and such... I did wear it in the blood collection place when I
    needed to have blood drawn yesterday....
    I also have not been wearing a mask but also haven't gone any place
    public lately. ...Good Grief! I've been home for two weeks??!! I
    didn't go to Hy-Vee last week.... Going to go to Dollar General later this morning to pick up a Mother's Day card and a couple other items; Hy-Vee after that. I did make a paper towel mask last might and will bring it with me should masking be required. Will wipe the basket handle/cart handle with hand sanitizer -- have been doing that.

    No wonder you're getting stir-crazy...? ;) Are masks required in close quarters for you now, too....?

    Sometimes one does have to be a little creative with storing stuff... ;)
    Yes. Actually a lot can be stored under there, or at least in my
    apartment. Here at the house don't have that option.
    Because someone else does use that space....? ;)
    Nah...:) First floor bathroom's sink is on a cabinet and the room
    itself is compact enough no space for a seating area/extra storage.
    The upstairs bathroom has a pedestal sink so definitely no storage counter.

    Ah, ok... ;)

    How it actually works out indeed might be interesting. I'd guess that
    having people have to work from home may also point up some aspects
    where being at the worksite actually is more beneficial after all...
    That's true! Little things like the walk to the supply room for
    printer paper, bigger things like the copier. And everyone in one
    place for a meeting, or when answering the phone to see the person
    needed to get the call is at their desk.
    Yup.... one doesn't even think about that sort of thing until one
    isn't in a position to just do the customary... ;)
    Right: was 'normal' to go to work, supplies were there, though
    sometimes the next cubicle stole your stapler, now it's the kids! <g>
    The drawbacks are everywhere... ;)
    True. A lot of 'all depends'. And what might be a problem for one
    person would not be a problem for another. A parent might find
    working at home they can break up their eight-hour job so it lasts
    twelve or even fourteen. Might sound horrible initially but work a
    couple hours, get the kids off to school, go back to work, take a 15 minute lunch, work a bit, kids back from school and take a break with them, back to work, start preparing dinner, work a bit while dinner is cooking, dinner, a little more work.

    A different sort of flex-time... ;) But that is the sort of schedule
    that many self-employed working at home already have had... :)

    Of course depends on what the job function is. Retail can't be at
    home to stock the shelves. OTOH might have been found it isn't
    necessary to be open until ten p.m. LIS a few messages ago, I'm
    thinking some of the work-at-home will continue, maybe as an expansion
    of flex hours (everyone had to be on-site from 10 to 1, or Tuesday,
    Thursday and Friday).
    Possible... Some kinds of businesses would be more likely to be
    able to do that sort of thing than others, though...
    True, again depends on specifics. And some people can work with
    minimal supervision, others need to have that watchful eye.

    There is that, too... :)

    OTOH it will take away from fun little quirkie things like when the
    weatherman was doing his weather teaser from home and he sees his dog
    come in the room -- he commented a happy 'oh-oh!' and then we hear his
    dog happily barking in the background!
    Or the kid running in, not realizing Mommy is "on the air".... ;) I
    heard what sounded like that in the background of the main guest for
    an AARP telephone town hall meeting Friday....
    <chuckle> Uh-huh!! ...This morning the iRobot (she meant the
    Siri/Alexa device) alarmed and started speaking in the background
    during one of the news anchor's segments.
    Interesting little quirks.... ;)
    Things have gone off smoother than I'd expect, especially considering
    the anchors are suddenly working from home. For the station I
    generally watch it looks like the anchors are working out of a family
    room vs. a home office: a room where everyone is welcome as opposed to Daddy's or Mommy's room.

    Perhaps that's what is most easily available... :)

    ttyl neb

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