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    Touching everything is just wrong, especially now. I'll admit to
    touching some items I end up not wanting like when testing the firmness
    of fruit, but the ones I touched I did have consideration of buying. (I don't think I've purchased any loose fruit lately -- should remember to
    put my hand in a bag before testing.)

    Everyone winds up touching a few things they don't buy, but the one or
    two I saw were touching everything. Of course, my eyesight is bad... I bet theirs is, too... so maybe they have to pick everything up in order
    to read it. :)

    And that may be the way they've usually shopped... hard to break habits,
    even in crisis, especially when one is getting elderly... :) And quite
    likely that they do need to read the small print up closer... :)

    With my allergy to apple in any form, I have to read the ingredients of
    just about any packaged food I'm considering buying... and since it
    tends to be in way too many foods, I end up replacing it on the shelf (sometimes just a bit disgustedly) and not buying it...

    ttyl neb

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