• flood stuff was: Vacation Time!

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    Replying at 9:20am on the 6th...
    A little after 7:30 a.m. on August 13th...

    We're quite stretched out here... now about 4:30 pm on August 24th... :)

    Nope. Never did associate anything with that 91 days. ...Oh! 365
    days divided by 4 is 91.25. So for one-quarter of the year we had been
    flooded. Now makes sense! (To me "90 days" would have triggered
    three months.)
    Ah.... Yes, that makes sense... 90 days is usually what is used
    for three months, but it's only an approximation, just like 30
    days is for a month... 13 weeks is more accurate for a quarter
    year, and that would be 91 days....
    Yes. LIS in an earlier message, initially the news anchor's use of
    "91 days Monday" (something like that) initially didn't make sense.
    Maybe because I was only half paying attention and missed the cue.
    Once I figured it out some time later it made sense.

    Or maybe he just figured that people would figure out where he was
    coming from and hadn't given a cue... :) What was the final tally of
    days at or above flood stage...?

    -- was sort of funny as
    was watching the local news and weather segment frequently will do a
    TowerCam shot from the studio on a hill ten blocks from the River --
    shot is upriver as more picturesque. In the distance (so couple of
    miles) a small silver-gray skinny rectangle on the River - anchor
    asked the meteorologist (both off-camera) "is that a barge I see?"
    "Where? Oh! Haven't seen that in months!" type of conversation.
    Life is slowly returning to normal.... :)
    Yes, which is good. Probably still lots to be caught up on, not to mention the repairs due to the flood.


    And clean up is likely to continue for quite a while after the
    River is back to normal....
    Yes. Get the roads re-opened; LeClaire Park usually hosts most of the
    4th of July entertainment but will not be ready this year so alterate
    sites have been obtained. Downtown (and other flooded areas) still
    cleaning - some probably into Fall if not longer. FEMA closed its
    temporary site but is still accepting applications for assistance.
    AIS, things are gradually getting back to normal... Good that FEMA
    will still accept the applications, some things wouldn't really come
    to light until one is able to start the cleanup....
    Probably true. Thinking of the possibility of buckled walls and mold behind walls.

    Yup... among other things... :)

    And I think I made mention the other day for the EagleCam the metal
    box holding some of the remote networking/communications equipment had
    it's front cover broken off - by what's left wasn't a flimsy unit. The
    post stated either a floating log or falling branch probably hit.
    Something that struck with some force....
    Definitely some force behind it. LIS somewhere, the webcams are back
    up but I haven't seen any of the eagles. My guess is I just haven't looked at the right time. Looked a little earlier this morning and now one camera's display says something about expired in 2018 (last year)
    and the other is displaying the currently empty nest -- early enough
    they might be out getting their breakfast.

    And maybe the eaglets are mature enough to have left the nest...?

    ... I put my schedule in my back pocket. Guess that's why I'm behind.

    Nice story.... I presume you're sticking to it...? <G>

    ttyl neb

    ... Apathy error: Strike any key. Or none, for that matter.

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