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    EV> It was a surprise for us to see Snow in June on the Mountain.
    EV> But that is normal weather for Ky and others who live there.
    Mountains often retain snow, even in the summer, especially in those regions... ;)

    Our mountains usually melt off all the way to the top, tho it may take
    til August. But there are dozens of tiny glaciers in the upper
    mountains, pretty much anywhere it drifts in and doesn't get afternoon sun... those down along Beartooth Pass look like piles of mushy snow
    in the sheltered spots.

    No doubt quite the sight... :) The mountains out East, where I live,
    aren't quite so high, so I think ours do lose all their snow in the
    summer usually... I remember seeing snow on the Rockies on summer
    trips, though...

    ttyl neb

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