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    Dunno what you'd call us... we'd go to be sociable... and then mostly
    sit on the sidelines, watching others get more and more foolish... ;)

    That's what I'd do...but I'd rather be around folks who have the
    hobby in common...where we could "talk shop".

    We've done that too...

    I have a bulletin on the BBS, telling of long gone BBS's in
    Arkansas. At one time in the Little Rock area, we had well over a dozen BBS's...and each month, everyone would gather at a restaurant for
    "face to face meetings" of food and fellowship. What "adult oriented BBS's" there were "carded" potential users.

    We had similar here in Rochester... I got to one of those meetings once,
    before things mostly migrated to the internet....

    Every so often, myself and 2 other Sysops get together at a west
    Little Rock Denny's Restaurant...but the local users are long gone.

    I don't even know if there are still any bbses in the whole area now....
    I regularly have lunch with a gal that used to be a sysop of her bbs,
    but it's because we have other things in common more than the bbsing...
    she hasn't had hers up for years now... but her mom used to be my
    nextdoor neighbor and friend before she passed... :)

    ttyl neb

    ... Newsflash! Birdland Bar closed for serving mynahs.

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