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    ... Edlin was a fine editor in it's day (like, July 22nd 1977).

    I didn't think EDLIN was made until the 1980's.
    I had a friend who had MS-DOS 4.? on a IBM pc , a PS/1 (2?) or some
    such model name,
    I was at His home and He showed Me how He used EDLIN on a file.
    It looked complicated to Me.
    After I got the 486 I tried EDLIN and decided not to use it since I
    was using MS-DOS 5.0 on that pc and could use EDIT.

    When Richard first set up the 286 for us to use as a home computer, he installed MicroEMACS for DOS on it... the DOS version of what he was
    using at work on mainframes... Before that, I'd used WordStar on my
    sister's computer... Emacs is simpler, and works just fine as a text
    editor.... and I still use it for everything... :)

    ttyl neb

    ... Be alert, the world needs more lerts....

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