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    Saved a whole couple of kilobytes!
    WOW! ;)
    Used to be when hard drives were a few megabytes!
    Mine's not much larger still.... and granted, every little bit
    deleted helps when one is filling up..... ;)
    I used to edit files to keep them under the sector size to try not to
    go into an additional sector just because of a few unnecessary
    characters. Don't know how useful it was but seemed logical.

    ME TOO!

    As did I... :)

    Increments of 254 Bytes on Commodore Floppy Disks.

    I think my sector size on the 286 (our original PC here) was probably 4
    times that... :)

    When I had the 486DX33 built for Me I asked for a Maxtor 330MB HDD. Advertisements for computers in Feb. 1994 showed 120MB and 220MB
    HDD's. I thought 330MB would be enough ... and then I added a second
    HDD, it was 500 or 540MB.

    It's never enough... ;)

    I watched Sector Size of files on the 486 for awhile.
    This HP XP came with a 250 GB HDD in June 2006,

    That's what my current computer has... :) I have to move stuff off the computer onto other storage on a regular basis... :)

    it has a 2TB HDD now since the original HDD was close to being
    MAX'ed OUT! The 2TB HDD has 329GB's Used on it since I changed to
    the larger HDD.

    So far, you still have space... ;)

    And I don't consider Sectors on HDD's any more unless I turn the
    486 ON OR use the 1541 FDD with the C=64.

    At that point they still matter... :)

    ttyl neb

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